Dan-Circle-PNG-270x270Dan White, Jr. joins me to talk about his journey from the megachurch world to the minimal church world of being a community of Jesus followers rooted in a neighborhood, practices of presence in the neighborhood, the healing power of hospitality, what “discipleship” means and why it matters so much, and the biggest reasons pastors and leaders hesitate to take the plunge into the parish.

Dan White, Jr. co-leads Axiom, a faith-community in the urban neighborhoods of Syracuse; works as a consultant and coach with the V3 Movement, which starts and sustains missional-incarnational communities throughout the country; and cofounded the Praxis Gathering. He is the author of Subterranean: Why the Future of the Church is Rootedness and co-author with JR Woodward of the forthcoming book The Church as Movement (August 2016).

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