Hey Friends,

This is Ben Katt of the RePlacing Church Podcast where we explore spirituality, community, and social change to help people imagine, create, and lead neighborhood expressions of church.

I want to announce something I’m doing this summer called #neighborhoodsfordays! (You can listen here)

On Sunday June 26, my family and I will begin a cross-country odyssey all the way from Seattle, WA to Milwaukee, WI in our 2004 baby blue Honda Odyssey (she’s something special).

We’re going to visit family and friends.

We’re going to relax.

We’re going to visit my brother’s brand new brewery in Milwaukee — Good City Brewing (Can’t wait!).

But we’re also going to visit a bunch of neighborhoods and neighborhood church expressions on the way there and on the way back.

I want to invite you along for the ride, at least the parts of it that don’t involve my kids screaming, “Are we there yet?” from the back of the minivan!

Here’s the deal about #neighborhoodsfordays:

For 30 days I’m going to be sharing stories and observations from 30 different neighborhoods. Most reflections will be on neighborhoods I’m visiting or passing through on this trip, and some will be about other neighborhoods I’ve had the privilege of visiting earlier in 2016.

Here’s how you can follow along and learn along with me:

* First, “Like” the brand new RePlacing Church page on Facebook.

* Second, each day for 30 days, I’ll be posting a photo on the new RePlacing Church Instagram account, so make sure to follow!

* Third, I’m going to have some fun using the Anchor App, aka “Radio by the People.” If you haven’t checked out Anchor, it let’s you record mini 2-minute podcasts and let’s people respond and converse. So you can join the conversation by downloading the Anchor app and following “Ben Katt.” I literally have 2 followers right now, so this is fun new territory for me and I think it will be for you too!

So, there you have it, to stay in touch with the #neighborhoodsfordays experience, Like “RePlacing Church” on Facebook, Follow “RePLacing Church” on Instagram, and Follow “Ben Katt” on Anchor.



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