The Parables of Eloheh Farm with Dr. Randy Woodley (Bonus Episode!)

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You can become a RePlacing Church Patron for as little as $1/month and receive access to bonus podcast episodes, blog posts and exclusive content – starting with a bonus podcast episode, “The Parables of Eloheh Farm with […]

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Preparing for Peacemaking Post-Charlottesville

If you've spent any time in the Twitterverse, by now you've seen all sorts of responses and recommended responses for the church – and they don't all agree. I just want to highlight two things:

1. What we witnessed was nothing new – especially not for people of color – it was just overt. It was an extreme expression of the white supremacy and racism that people of color encounter and are harmed by every […]

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The Church That Devours Its Young

“He called me into his office the day before I was supposed to make partner,” my friend recently told me. He had been an accountant at this firm for his entire career since he graduated college 14 years earlier. That day his boss told him that the budget for the coming year didn’t have room to add a new partner – “but probably next year!”

A young lawyer told me the other […]

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The Four Essential Missional Practices of Neighborhood Church Planting

Most people who get involved in neighborhood church planting end up becoming failed missionaries. And I think you should become one too!

You see, once you “swallow the pill” of seeking to be the church in a particular place, you end up discovering that much of what you thought of previously as “missional” doesn't actually line up with the kinds of things Jesus calls his followers to be about. So, you fail at the conventional understanding […]

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5 Church Planting Lessons I Learned From A Startup Brewery

Last weekend I took a quick trip from Seattle to my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. My brother’s baby was turning one. Over 500 people came out to celebrate. There were live bands on a big stage, multiple food trucks and plenty of port-o-potties. And lots of beer.

A little over the top for a one year-old, don’t you think?

Maybe. But not if your baby is a brewery!

One year […]

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Where have all the young people gone?

“Where have all the young people gone?”

The pastors and parents and denominational leaders wondered and waited and researched.

But there they were, a crowd of twenty- and thirty-somethings, two hundred strong, streaming into the old church building. They arrived early, clutching their books, and fought for the front seats. They listened to stories and pondered textual insights. They wrote down words of their true belovedness that they vulnerably shared with the strangers next to them. They […]

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Why We Need Inefficiency Experts

My legs were burning and my heart was racing. I had just conquered a steep hill, ten blocks from my house. Usually I would quickly turn the corner and finish my run home. But this time, I stopped abruptly.

“If you don’t have your heart, you have nothing.”

This message welled up inside me. It wasn’t about my heart rate; it was about the implications of my nonstop hustle towards productivity, success […]

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Five Vital Practices for the Church of the Future

What sci-fi films can teach us about where to look for the church

A few years ago at a big church growth conference, missiologist and author, Alan Hirsch, posed the question:

“How come churches never feature in sci-fi movies?”

I’m not sure how he answered the question — I only saw the Tweet — but, as a fan of science fiction films, it made me think twice. Yes, that is a great question! Where is the church in Minority Report, Ender’s Game, and even […]

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What Walking 30 Neighborhoods Taught Me About Being the Church

A Sunday afternoon stroll through Clear Lake, Iowa with the Coleman family.

All good things must come to an end… My family’s #NeighborhoodsForDays Odyssey (which I announced in late June) — learning from 30 neighborhoods in 30 days — ended yesterday when we arrived safely back home in Seattle. But the stories and experiences will stay with us — it was an inspiring gift to visit numerous neighborhood groups on this trip and also have the time to reflect on parish faith […]

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The #NeighborhoodsForDays Odyssey

Hey Friends,

This is Ben Katt of the RePlacing Church Podcast where we explore spirituality, community, and social change to help people imagine, create, and lead neighborhood expressions of church.

I want to announce something I’m doing this summer called #neighborhoodsfordays! (You can listen here)

On Sunday June 26, my family and I will begin a cross-country odyssey all the way from Seattle, WA to Milwaukee, WI in our 2004 baby blue Honda Odyssey (she’s […]

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